Pics of two 4120s added

Pics of two 4120s added on this page  – serial number 235, which is new.  Thanks to Tim.  And an amp that spent a good deal of its working life in Wales paired with a Super Foundation Bass cab (towards the foot of the page, among the amps with missing serial plates, or numbers simply unknown).

Old pics of 213 have been now been matched up with a newer set showing the serial number.

Ten 4120s in total are currently known.  It seems likely that others will surface.

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New amps

A series of updates are in the offing (this coming weekend):

For the time being, a couple of 760s which came to light recently in the UK – serial numbers 1004 and 1041. The amps have been registered here.

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Joy Division / New Order

Joy Division / New Order

I can’t source the original quote or swear to the memory, so this could be total mis-recall – but years ago there was an interview with members of  Joy Division / New Order, in which they described how they originally looked for gear.  Vox equipment was associated at the time (mid 70s) with the music of the previous generation;  the swinging 60s were just a memory.  Considered the last decade’s fashion, there was now lots of old used Vox gear around going cheap.  Like I said, the memory could just be mixed up with some other band.  I think though it was Joy Division, saying something like how when they’d started off, they looking for something they could afford, but on top of that they were looking for something different;  I think there was a suggestion that ideally they would have liked something with a more industrial/mechanised edge,  and possibly even avoiding having to use guitars and drums, but the technology didn’t really exist at the time.  Again the recall is very hazy,  but I think they described rooting round some shop, and finding buried at the back the metal-front vox amps & gear, and either the counter-fashionable sound and looks of the vox gear won them over, or the cheap price.   Anyway, whatever the original story/motivation was,  Ian Curtis ended up with at least one Vox Phantom; what looks like a Vox  Supreme cabinet is often seen, and then… there are the hybrid Vox heads, with trolleys & cabinets.  These have usually been described as 730s; it does seem they started with a couple – but with the move to New Order, we have discovered there was a 4series head too that was often to be seen, and heard.


A post on geekchat   links to some good early Joy Division photos; these show what appear to be two 730s (could also be 715s, the cabs appear to have microphones placed in front).



Here they are at T J Davidson’s ‘rehearsal rooms’ (an empty factory floor). “..We had an enormous factory floor to the winter we used to just brush all the rubbish to one end of the room and set fire to it to just keep warm”.


 Peter Hook allegedly borrowed a 730 in 2011 for (more…)

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Rolling Stones, 760s

Albert Hall, Sep. ’66.


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Doctor Robert, isolated guitar tracks

stripped-down version here,  probably through the 7120, where you can hear the guitar and bass more clearly….possibly using the Gretsch pictured in Papeback sessions?


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Lennon Gretsch auction, 7120 prototype, Paperback Writer Sessions

Signed print photos offered at (Gretsch guitar) auction, showing Lennon with guitar & new prototype 7120s;


From Reuters, here;


“..(Reuters) – A Gretsch guitar (more…)

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Gerry Marsden tries out a Vox 7120 in Hessy’s music shop in Liverpool

This excellent blog gives Martin Craig’s eyewitness account of the event:

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7/4series cabs with AC100s

There are several instances of 4120/7120 cabs being used with AC100s:



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Jimmy Page; Yardbirds / early Zeppelin, ul-4120


Jimmy Page had used a 4120 as part of the Yardbirds in 1968 (more pics here); note the panel of a  4120 to the right, with another amp head on top –vox_ul7120_04

Here he is in February 69, at ‘Thee Image” in Miami Beach Florida, described as ‘a big bowling alley‘ or ‘a big open ballroom floor with three stages, a meditation room, and black lights’.   (more…)

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Led Zeppelin, Communication Breakdown, ul-4120

There isn’t much information aound on production, time, location, or who was in control of the zoom on the camera.  The Led Zeppelin site says this was most likely filmed in February 1969 in Miami (a follow up comment says  “…This was likely filmed at Thee Image’ Club in Miami sometime around Feb 14th and 15th when they did two shows there”.

The video for Communication Breakdown shows the 4120 on top of some Rickenbacker cabinets.  I was looking at the blur trying to make out if there was a lead running along and a missing control switch, when I remembered another photo showing a lead running in the same way, and a missing first switch (the volume of the Bass channel).   The way the lead sits looks the same or very similar – and the other photo does seem to be from ‘Thee Image’.  There is a line of marks on the wall behind, and a sloping join of some panels – here’s a comparison;



photo, apparently from Thee Image, missing a volume control on Bass channel

It seems this video was indeed shot at Thee Image then.  It also shows that (more…)

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