The bass equivalent of the 7120 and the flagship of the 4-series line. Solid state preamp, valve power amp.

VALVES: 4 x KT88s with 1 x EL80 and 1 x ECC82 drivers. Good for well over 120W, this amp is a positive powerhouse.

BASS CHANNEL: volume, treble, middle, bass. Bass boost switch.

NORMAL CHANNEL: volume, treble, middle, bass. Mid boost switch.

EFFECTS: none.

SPEAKER CABINET: a closed-back 4 x 12″ (dimensions the same as 7120 cabinets) possibly with the midax horns omitted. Drivers for the most part are likely to have been Celestion T1225s sprayed silver. However, one surviving cab contains what may be the original Phillips alnicos.

Used by Jimmy Page, live in early Zep. tours, and in studio, allegedly on Whole Lotta Love.

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