The bass equivalent of the 760. Also a rare amp. Solid state preamp, valve power amp.

VALVES: 2 x KT88s and one ECC83 driver valve. Around 60W.

BASS CHANNEL: volume, treble, middle, bass. Bass boost switch.

NORMAL CHANNEL: volume, treble, middle, bass. Mid boost switch.

EFFECTS: none.

SPEAKER CABINET: a closed-back 2 x 12″ and 2 x 10″ cab – two Celestion T1225s sprayed silver, and two Celestion 7442s. Swivel trolley.

It would seem from photos that Bill Wyman was using a 4series head with a foundation cab at the Rolling Stones Forest Hill stadium gig on July 1966.  As the Stones had/used 760s at the time, it seems given the cab that this would most likely be a 460 – but there was another foundation cab on stage at the same time, so…if it was a 4series, it could have been  a 4120 connected to two cabs.  Photo on the Life site  here –