The flagship of the 7-series amps.

VALVES: 4 x KT88 and an EL80 and ECC83 as drivers. Around 120W output.

VIBRATO CHANNEL: volume, bass, middle, treble; vibrato speed and depth. Treble boost switch.

NORMAL CHANNEL: volume, treble, middle, bass; and reverb depth. Mid boost switch.

EFFECTS: Vibrato, reverb and distortion (preset) switched on or off via a footswitch.

SPEAKER CAB: 42″x 29″ x 13″, open or closed back, with a swivel trolley.  The speaker complement was normally four Celestion  12″ T1225 ceramic drivers (sprayed silver and with blue labels) and 2 midax horns. It has been suggested, however, that there was a version (or at least a planned version) with two 10″ Celestions instead of the midaxes. The 7120 was sometimes also sold with two 760 cabs.

Used by the Beatles on Revolver, Paperback Writer.  Also on world tour, 1966.

Budokan Beatles