German brochure, printed 1967, circulated in 1968

A page from a Vox brochure entitled “Standard-Programm Röhren-Verstärker” printed September 1967 (IX/67) for circulation in Germany in 1968 – note the presence of the “Queens Award for Industry” symbol.  The award was granted to Vox in April ’67.

Something must have gone slightly wrong at the laying-out stage.  To the left of the entry for the UL730 is a picture of a UL7120 – single handle on box, and a penned in “7120” top right on the fascia of the amp.

2,498 deutsche marks – the price of the UL730 – was equivalent in 1968 to around £250, in today’s money £4,000 (according to the Bank of England inflation calculator).

The power handling of the Celestion T1088s in the UL730 cab is said to be 17 watts apiece.  This is also the figure given by Vox for the T1088s in Vox Conqueror cabs (the rating is given on a paper sticker inside the cabs).

Page 3, which advertises the AC30 and the AC50 (Super Twin and Foundation Bass), is posted here.


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