final assembly / testing

David Cole would test the amps, along with the other amps & equipment made by Triumph.  He remembers a final-assembly on Fridays, when “…it all came together,  panels chassis and boxes, to get them out by the door to be shipped off.  I remember some panels being fitted towards the end ( to avoid damage during production ), so the control switches/inputs/lights had to be taken off and then laboriously re-attached.   We also made wha-wha pedals, they came from somewhere else and were badly made – they were dumped at Triumph for Rosetti.   Capacitors would fall off at the touch..we went through them fixing them up, they were in plain boxes with no paint.”

After arriving at Vox, they were given a final test.  Small stamps can sometimes be seen on the chassis; these could be from JMI, or maybe even earlier, from the original chassis plinth production.


round mark where chassis has been stamped, either during production or inspection

A small inspection tag would finally be added certifying it had been signed off.  One of these can be seen on the Beatles 730 in Abbey Road, attached to the back of the amp.


inspection tag on back of a ul-460

inspection tags on Beatles 730 amp

inspection tags on Beatles 730 amp


Close-up of Beatles 730 tag



similar tags from a Defiant





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