The Super Stack / De Luxe

The Super Stack / De Luxe


Vox in their 1966 catalogue advertised  special double cab stack versions of the biggest amps;  the 4120 De Luxe and 7120 De Luxe.  Their demo pic had what looks like a single-handled 7120 head for the 7series version,  with two smaller 7/460 size cabs and what looks like the 460 prototype head as seen in the Vox Story’.  (LINK)


No surviving rigs with the trolley have turned up;  they might have been witnessed though by Carl Nielsen, who had worked on them himself at Triumph, at a gig by the Troggs at the Orchid in Purley (Triumph used the area under the stage as a storage area).   That was on one of the Orchid’s revolving stages;  pretty precarious for a stacked rig with a heavy 120-watt amp on top, if the trolleys were used.  Carl said it was possible they used the big cabinets ;   we experimented, and found this was actually fairly stable, as demonstrated here;




A 460/4120 rig was seen behind Jimmy Hendrix at one of his gigs in Italy –  LINK)













stacked cabinets (without trolleys) were also used at the Rome Festival in May 1968 (MORE HERE), as seen here;











– this rig in Italy could possibly be a survivor from either of these –




An unusual arrangement of stacked 730 heads & cabs can be seen in the New Order video for “love Will Tear Us Apart”;








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