Jimmy Page, 4120, Yardbirds-era 68

lee-conklin-yardbirds-bigWe noticed these pics on an excellent site about the final days of the Yardbirds in 1968 (here).


They’re not always clear enough to say for certain,  there were some very similar-looking amps around at the time.  They do seem to suggest though that the 4120 was being used at places like ‘Thee Image’ with the Yardbirds, before Page later returned with Led Zeppelin.

4120 behind Page on floor


part of control panel visible, middle / right


4120 on floor, looks again like another head balanced on top

Page is seen at one point with a Danelectro;

“..You used a Danelectro with the Yardbirds?

Jimmy Page: Yes, but not with Beck. I did use it in the latter days. I used it onstage for “White Summer” (Little Games). I used a special tuning for that; the low string down to B, then A, D, G, A and D. It’s like a modal tuning, a sitar tuning, in fact.”  (from interview,  here)

There’s a recording of Page/Yardbirds doing  ‘White Summer’ here, in 1968.  Apparently the Anderson Theatre in New York, on 30 March;

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