Cannes – Captain Beefheart, 1968


photo of Captain Beefheart on Beach

Captain Beefheart (Don Van Vliet), “Coeur De Boeuf, Sur Le Sable”,  before Rome festival in 1968 (more…)

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4120 / 7120 cabs with other amps (for Guitar and Organ)

4120 / 7120 CABS WITH OTHER AMPS (for Guitar and Organ)


The beautiful open-backed cab (above), currently in the UK, was originally owned by Rod Argent of The Zombies.  The amp pictured came from a different source.  There were a few reported sightings of these gargantuan things on Vox Talks in the late ’90s, but most seemed to have a mythical air about them.  Now, four others have come to light, two with closed backs, two with open.




Note the Supreme on the cab in the background, raised up on chocks to clear the side (more…)

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Further Sightings of 7120s




Above, a promotional shot taken in Knightsbridge in 1967 to record the band’s signing with Robert Stigwood. On the far left on the stage floor, what looks like a Marshall head. Behind the band, either a 7120 or 760 on a trolley – the end handle on the amp is just visible.



Orchid Ballroom, Purley – seen by Carl Nielsen, who worked at the time for Triumph Electronics just along the road. The band had 7120s on top of stacked cabs – much as Pink Floyd and others at the Rome Festival in 1968, on which see this entry (with further links on that page). Carl was later involved in the plan to build 7200s or 7240s (ie. 200 or 240watt monsters) for the Beatles, a process that never came to completion.

Presumably the amps used by The Troggs were provided for the occasion – 3rd August – by Vox/Triumph. No pictures have so far surfaced of the band using 7 series amps elsewhere.

Interesting to note that The Troggs were managed by Larry Page, who was also closely associated with another band that used 7120s – Los Brincos (as producer in 1968). For more – see this blog post.


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Dave Clark Five


Royal Variety Performance, late 1966, introduced by David Frost

Four 7120 cabs on stage





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Hendrix, Italy 1968, 4-series background

Nice pics of Hendrix, with what looks to be a 4120 in the background on top of two 460 cabs.  He’s plugged into something else when the pics here were taken;  maybe Hendrix,  who  was always curious about new gear,  tried out the 4120 that night too.  (Perhaps even the one pictured HERE).

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Jimmy Page; 7120s


Jimmy Page was looking around in the 80s/90s for a style of vox amp he’d used before, with switches on the front, and big kt88 valves…





Carl Nielsen supplied him with at least one, a ul-7120; two of them can be seen here in the video.   One that Carl supplied seems to have had the voltage selector area blocked off;  this sometimes happened on some of the Scandinavian supplied Vox amps, so possibly it was originally sold there, or it was just modified later.

Great taster of the programme, some out-takes on youtube –

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Memories of Triumph, 60s etc… Dave Roffey / Les Avery



Dave Roffey  gives us a picture of the kind of research, experimentation and cross-fertilisation that was going on.  This wasn’t just with other designers and  companies, but with the actual manufacturers and designers of components like the transfomers;

“..Technically, for those times, the design of the valve phase-shift tremolo was an innovation. If that had been worked on, ‘phasing’ would have been around years before it actually appeared. I remember  (in the haze of it all) doing a three pot twin t(ee) filter in a foot pedal, which was the closest thing in those days.

Mullard, Brimar and the Williamson KT88 (400W) all contributed to the advances in those days, (more…)

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And Your Bird Can Sing, demo ul-715

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She Said She Said – isolated guitar track (Abbey Road, Revolver)




Some good info on song/background  –

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Paperback Writer alternate video take



This alternate take (‘Take 3’) of the Paperback writer shoot on youtube shows the proto amps a bit more clearly.  You can just see that the amp Lennon is miming by is actually the 7120 Bass.  One of the most memorable guitar riffs recorded, this was probably Paul using the new 7120 with a Rush Pep box.



This vid has the guitar track isolated –

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