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Most Recent;

4-series, ‘The Elastic Band’ 1967/68                                 HERE

Around the amps;  seeing Beatles gear in Abbey Road   HERE

Around the music, Big Boy Pete/Beatles/Harrison Gretsch  HERE

430 or 730?  All you need is love recording    HERE

Rolling Stones Prototype, 460/4120? 1966   HERE

Jimmy Page, Yardbirds shots,  4120     1968     HERE


Bands / Use

Around the amps: Mystery Strawberry Fields Guardsman, 67 promo   link

Joy Division / New Order     link

Rolling Stones, 760s, Albert Hall Sept. ’66  link

Strawberry Fields Forever, clearer guitar version    link

Vox 430?  Fool on the Hill sessions & others   link

Taxman – isolated guitars   link

Around the amps; Beatles in Knole with amps, Strawberry Fields / Penny Lane promo filming   link

‘Doctor Robert’ – isolated guitar tracks, 7120     link

Lennon / Gretsch auction, 7120 prototype, paperback writer sessions      link

Gerry Marsden tries out a 7120 in Hessy’s music store, Liverpool     link

7/4 series cabs with ac100s       link

Jimmy Page; Yardbirds/early Zep, 4120s       link

Led Zep communication breakdown vid 4120       link

Cannes – Captain Beefheart & 7120/4120 cabs, 1968       link

7120/4120 cabs with other amps, for guitar/organ       link

Further sightings of 7120s       link

Dave Clark Five       link

Hendrix on stage, Italy 1968, 4series background       link

Jimmy Page; 7120s       link

And Your Bird Can Sing demo with ul-715      link

She Said, She Said – isolated guitar track, Abbey Road/  Revolver       link

Beatles tours  (a k a  moving the Beatles 7120s around)        link

Beatles in Manila       link

Los Brincos, Abbey Road  1967 – with Beatles Prototypes?        link

Rome Festival,  May 1968,  Pink Floyd        link

Rome Festival, 1968, Floyd pt 2        link

Prototypes / Construction / Development 

Triumph Electronics, builders of 4 and 7series for Vox  part 1       link

Triumph Electronics, builders of 4 and 7series for Vox  part 2      link

Memories of Triumph       link

Memories of Triumph 2       link

Final Assembly / Testing       link

Memories of Triumph, 60s etc…. Dave Roffey, Les Avery        link

Super Stack DeLuxe        link

Large Box  Prototype       link

Beatles prototypes 2  ‘special amps’       link

Beatles  7120s – collecteana       link

Prototypes – Beatles prototypes 1 – construction / styling      link

Beatles  7120s – collecteana       link

Cabs for the Beatles 7120s        link

New Builds of 4120 / 7120 cabs part 1       link

New Builds of 4120 / 7120 cabs part 2       link