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The Vox UL760

Amps are registered in two sections: (1) by serial number if known; and (2) lower down the page, serial numbers unknown.

Serial numbers begin at 1000 or 1001. Note that serial numbers are not a reliable guide to relative date, ie. amp no. 1020 could be later than amp. no. 1030.

Output transformer code on paper label: 7312.

The band "Mixed Bag" in the studio, 1969, with two 760 cabs and trolleys stacked in the background.


Serial number 1001

Owned by North Coast Music.


Serial number 1004

Recently on ebay (October 2017). A replaced output transformer, but otherwise in reasonable condition.

Serial number 102x (1024?)

Currently in France. Cab fitted with new speakers.

Serial number 1036 (1024?)

Recorded as being in France. Probably this amp, from this page.


Serial number 1041

Currently in the UK. Appeared first on ebay, now on Reverb (October 2017). Condition externally is good.

Serial number 1063

Thanks to Mark for the pictures.

Serial number 1071


Currently in Holland. Reverb pot date code tantalising unclear - only the "N" is readable for certain.

Amp, cab and trolley all acquired separately. The 760 came from Germany; the cab from Holland; the trolley a North Coast Music repro. Cab and trolley still in the UK. The amp is now in the USA. Mustard capacitor codes A6N = 1st quarter of 1966. One of the pots has the code "CN" = March 1966, and another seemingly "DN" = April 1966.

A single image. The amp identifiable by a scratch through "VOX".

A 760 built on a 7120 chassis (note the four bias pots on the back upright. At some stage the amp was converted to cathode bias. The box is a Sound City box. Whether this has any connection with Triumph, which built the very first Sound City amps, is unknown. Pot code "GN" = July 1966. The mustard capacitors are "C4N" = third quarter of 1964.

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