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The Vox UL715

Amps are registered in three sections: (1) by serial number if known; (2) serial number unknown, valve rectified; (3) serial number unknown, solid state rectified. Cabs are at the foot of the page.

Serial numbers start at 2000, or 2001. Note that these numbers are not a reliable guide to relative date, ie. amp no. 2020 could be later than amp. no. 2030.

One amp below has a rectifier valve instead of the more common solid state rectification. Most solid state rectified amps, however, have the hole for a rectifier valve, either blanked off, or left open. It is possible that the initial design for the 715 required valve rectification, which was later changed to solid state, but not before a good number of chassis had been produced.

Amps with high serial numbers have no hole for a valve rectifier.

Transformer codes on paper labels are 7329 (output), and 7330 (mains).

"The Syndicate" with a 715 in the early 70s.



Serial number 2010

Pot codes are "GN" = July 1966. The mustard capacitors on the other hand have codes "C4N" = third quarter of 1964, so comparatively old stock.


Serial number 2022

July 1966. Amp restored by Michael Ameson of MAJ Electronics (the reverb pan is now a Hammond, with attendant changes to the circuit), and sold on ebay. The serial number plate says "710T", but the amp is in fact a 715. Note the hole for a valve rectifier, not installed. Pictured by Jim Elyea with a cab from another source.

Serial number 2040

A nice set. As above, the hole for the rectifier is covered up with a disk of metal. Thanks to Mark for the pictures.

Serial number 2049

Thanks to Steve for the pictures.


Serial number 2069

Currently in the USA.

Serial number 2082

Serial number 2098

Original cover present, but not the footswitch, as is so often the case.


Currently in the USA

Sold on in 2013.

A brace!

Sold by a seller in Dundee in 2014.

Currently in France.