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The Vox UL710

The 710 was the only all valve "super-twin" model (separate amp and cab) in the 7 series. The others had valve power sections, but solid state preamps.

Cabs at first had tilt-back side stands, the amp being secured to the top with a tongue and bracket assembly, later used for the Conqueror and Defiant. Later cabs had in effect 715 trolleys with parallel bars across the top on which the amp could sit.

Drivers were 10" Celestion T7442s, 15ohms, rated at 10 watts each, wired in parallel for a total impedance of 8ohms.

The earliest schematic sheet as we have it is un-numbered and bears no date or signature. Most amps were built to this (thanks to Tuomo for the info). See this blog post.

A copy of the unnumbered sheet is available here.

The later sheet - OS/112 - does not represent the reality of the build so well, although it does express the vibrato circuit/footswitch arrangement more clearly.

Amps are registered in two sections: (1) by serial number if known; and (2) lower down the page, serial numbers unknown.

Serial numbers begin at 1000 or 1001. Note that these numbers are not a reliable guide to relative date, ie. amp no. 120 could easily be later than amp. no. 130.

Given that ser. nos in the 1200s are known (12xx), over 200 amps were evidently made. A good proportion ended up in Denmark.

Serial number 1005

For the moment, just the serial number plate. Potentiometer codes are "CN" and "DN" = March and April 1966. Mustard capacitors have "D4N" = last quarter of 1964. Triumph had large stocks of these. Thanks to Tuomo for the picture and info on other 710s.

Serial number 1017

Currently in Denmark. The original rectifier valve removed.

Serial number 1020

Currently in France, on offer on Reverb.

Serial number 1024

Currently in Denmark. Pictures to follow.

Serial number 1036

Currently in Slovakia. Thanks to Jakub for the pics.

Serial number 1041

Currently in Europe

Serial number 1045

Currently in France. Thanks to Giani for the info.


Serial number 1047

Previously listed as number unknown. Thanks to Tuomo for the identification.

Serial number 1067

Excellent condition. The reverb tank is mounted spring up. On some amps the arrangement was evidently spring down. Pot codes are "CN" and "DN" = March and April 1966.

Serial number 1074 (?)

Given the position of the voltage selector, currently in the UK. One of the pots has the date code "GN" = July 1966. In excellent condition, and the amp with its original cover. Only the handle appears to have been renewed.

Serial number 1075

Currently in Denmark. Original fixing mounts for the amp, and original Celestion T7442 drivers in the cab.

Serial number 1087

Currently in the USA. Thanks to Mark for the pictures.

Serial number 1099

An excellent rig. The ball-casters of the side stands are not original, however.



Probably in the USA judging by the position of the voltage selector. Note the distinctive scuff on the control panel to the right of the indicator lamp.

Currently in Germany. The amp section has its original cover - extremely scarce these days.

Currently in Europe to judge by the voltage selector. Distinctively missing two of its control knob, and with a replaced power socket, but otherwise in excellent external order.

Pics from ebay. Sold in the UK in the 2000s.

Old pics from ebay.


The grille cloth on 710 cabs is 8.5 diamonds high. It seems that these small format units (2 x 10" Celestion speaker) were often paired with 715 amps as well.

With its wrap-around trolley, this cab may have been intended for a 715. However a small number of 710s were evidently issued with these too. Pictures registered also on the 715 gallery page.

Again, very probably a 715 cab. The fixing points for the trolleyc can be seen on the centre of the sides. The fixing points for 710 side stands were higher up on the sides. But it could just be from a 710 issued with a 715 wrap-around trolley.

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