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The Vox UL430

Amps are registered in two sections: (1) by serial number if known; (2) serial numbers unknown. The sequence began at 1001 and ran to at least 1052 - over 50 amps were made therefore.

Cabs were closed back and contained two Celestion alnico T1088s, as in the case of . It may be though that, in parallel with 730s, ceramic Celestion T1225s were used too.

Note however, that two amps below probably had larger UL460 cabs (one still does, the second only has the trolley). Nonetheless, 2 x 12s were probably the norm. That is what Paul McCartney had at any rate during the recording of "Sgt Pepper".


Serial number 1047 (147)

Popped up on Facebook earlier this year (2017). Currently in the USA.

Serial number 1052

Above, pics of the amp in Italy (Messina).

A UL430 and its closed back cab, a fantastic thing. Now in the UK but for some years in Italy.

The date code of the original surviving Celestion alnico T1088 is "05 AL" = 5th January 1966. But the speaker and its twin must have been a few months old when they went into the cab, which was made by the Gla-Rev company ("G-R" stamped in white inside).

The closed back will have given the speakers a good deal of protection from punishing bass frequencies. The chalked "B14" presumably indicates "Bass" and perhaps the 14th cab made. These marks ensured that backs and fronts of cabs could be properly paired up. Screw holes were drilled by hand, so not every back fitted every cab.

Above, details of the power amp and preamp sections. Immediately above the plinth with power section components temporarily removed. Further notes to follow.

Pot codes are "GN" and "HN" = July and August 1966. Thanks to Steve for pictures and info.



Sold on ebay some time ago with a closed back 2x12"/2x10" cab (the type normally issued with 460s. The amp is certainly a 430 - note the four EL84s.


Sold on ebay some time ago.

Probably the same amp as above - certainly said to be a 430. The trolley is a 460 trolley, however, and the cab a Vox Defiant.


Currently in the USA. Possibly the original trolley and cab. Unusual not to see the back though.

Stray cab

Sold on in 2010/2011. A 430 cab - note the closed back - complete with original side stands but missing its top bar.