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A Vox UL 760 cabinet

These cabinets were 15/16ohm - two 12" Celestion G12H (code T1225), and two Celestion 10" (code T7442), wired in series/parallel, with a 470R resistor to protect the 10" drivers.

The Celestion 12" drivers were a good choice - in a cab like this the larger drivers need to be sensitive. Celestion G12Ms or Goodmans speakers, for instance, would have been too "flat".

Vox 460 cabinets, the 760's closed-backed twin, had two 12" drivers (8ohms each) wired in series to produce a total impedance of 15/16ohms also.

SIZE: 34" wide; 26" high; 12" deep.

Screws for securing the panel are 2BA brass, raised countersunk, 1 1/2" long. There are fourteen in total.

PRODUCTION: cabinets made by Henry Glass and Co., and sent to the Vox Works at Erith for finishing. Chalked numbers on the blacking ensured that the cabs could always be matched with the right back boards. The person who tolexed the cab and boards signed with an initial; so too the person who applied the grille cloth to the baffle; and very often also the person who did the wiring in and installing of the speakers.

These cabinets are scarce now. A fair number seem to have been shipped to Germany, perhaps having failed to sell originally in the UK.

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Schematic of the wiring loom.

Cab no. 6 with original speakers and wiring loom (a rare thing). There were two styles of wiring in 760 cabs. (1) Blue and black wire, formed into a loom with waxed cotton ties, and held in place by staples with white insulation. (2) Black wire held in place in by plastic staples.


Sold on at the end of last year. Wiring loom and Celestion speakers original. The side stands are from some other cab.


A cab accompanying a Vox Conqueror

Sold on at the end of 2015. Original speakers and wiring loom in place. Possibly late - chalked "70" inside. Accompanied by a nice Conqueror.

A cab currently in the UK