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Vox UL715 speaker cabs

The Vox catalogue of 1966 gives the dimensions: 32 1/4" x 20" x 12 1/4". In terms of diamonds on the grille cloth: 23-24 diamonds wide, and 8 1/2 tall.

The illustration in the 1966 catalogue can be seen here. The description is on this page.

Total impedance of the cab is 8ohms. Speakers are 15ohm Celestion CT7721, 10" units, wired in parallel.

Both back boards, held in place by a total of fourteen screws (brass, raised countersunk 2BA, 1 1/2"), have cutaways.

All the wiring was probably black with coloured rubber sleeves to indicate polarity, as in the first cab below - one can the original wiring on the right hand speaker.

With its wrap-around trolley, this cab very probably accompanied a 715. However a small number of 710s were evidently issued with these too. Pictures registered also on the 710 gallery page. The black wiring is original, the brown is later (hifi speaker wire).

Original speakers and probably wiring too, though the later has come away from its staples.

The amp pictured on top of the cab is a 730.