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The Vox UL705

Amps are registered in two sections: (1) by serial number if known; and (2) lower down the page, serial numbers unknown.

Serial numbers begin at 100 or 101. Note that they are not a reliable guide to relative date, ie. amp no. 120 could easily be later than amp. no. 160.

All the amps pictured below have single-pin corner protectors - the earliest sort. Vox later adopted double-pin corners (at some point in mid 1966).

In company with 710s, a good number of 705s found their way to Denmark - perhaps exported by JMI in early 1967.

Serial number 114

Currently in Denmark. A replaced speaker, but apparently otherwise all good.

Serial number 128

Serial number 197

Currently in the USA. Thanks to Mark for the pictures.

The amp on ebay.


Currently in Denmark. Perhaps the same amp as the one at the foot of this page.