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A Vox UL 460 cabinet

These cabinets were 16ohm - a pair of 8ohm drivers wired in series - matching the 16ohms of the 760 and 7120 cabinets. The thick closed back gave a good deal of protection to the two Celestions (T1225), and ensured that 60W power handling was possible. Two cabinets were required for a 4120 - 2 x 60W - though the 4120 was more often sold with a single large cab.

760 cabinets, the 460's open-backed twin, had two 12" drivers (16ohms) and two 10" (also 16ohms). The 10" drivers - Celestion T7442 - increased the power handling markedly.

SIZE: 34" wide; 26" high; 12" deep. The back panel measures 32 3/8" by 24 7/16", and is 1" thick. The bracing inside the cab is 1 3/4" square.

Screws for securing the panel are brass, raised countersunk, 2" long. There are twelve in total.

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Front, logo missing.

Underside, feet added.

Interior, general view.

Interior side, handle let in at some point.

Interior, part of the centre bracing.

New (old) speakers

Speaker 1: top.

Speaker 1: cone.

Speaker 1: spider and cone code.

Speaker 2: top.

Speaker 2: cone.

Speaker 2: cone.

Speaker 2: cone code.

Cab wired up

Interior, wired up.



Jack socket wired up.

Inner face of back board.

Thickness of back board.